Display Ads

shutterstock_243530224A display ad is an image including logos, pictures, and text that is created for advertising your company online. This display ad should accurately reflect your company’s image and branding, while being intriguing enough for an audience to look at. Ad testing is as important as ever with display ads, so testing a few variations of your ads to see which perform better with your audience is wise; knowing your target audience and designing an ad for them is what will contribute to your successful campaign.


It is paramount that your display ads effectively represent your brand, and that these ads are a continuation of your website. The goal is for customers to be able to recognize and identify your brand, so using the same colours, font, and imagery will be helpful in creating that cohesive brand message. Your company’s logo should also be featured in all display ads so your audience always knows and can recognize your brand.


A display ad must communicate what you
do with your audience. Therefore the content of the ad is key. If you include a moving image in your campaign, such as a slideshow or video clip, it is important that the last image the audience is left with is the information and click through that leads them directly to your website- this is about marketing after all! Which brings us to call-to-action- if your company’s goal is to increase click traffic, it could be beneficial to include call to action in your display ad. This is something that testing can help determine; create an ad with and without call-to-action and see which performs better for you. Also, if using moving display ads, it is important to also test static images in your campaign, because your audience may not sit through the cycle of the moving ad. And, it bears mentioning again- your logo should be present at all times in your display ad.
All in all, a display ad can be a great way to visually market your company in the bustle of the online environment.