Mobile Ads

102Mobile ads allow you to reach your consumer no matter what device they may be browsing on. There are a variety of different types that can be implemented, and you must consider a variety of devices they will be seen on.

Mobiles ads can be seen in a myriad of ways. They can be on a mobile site in a browser in the form of:

  • Text ads, image ads, app promotion, or ads built with HTML5

Within apps for smartphones:

  • Text ads, image ads, app promotion, image app promotion, video app promotion and TrueView app promotion

For devices that can make calls, call-only ads are also an option.

For ads on mobile devices, you must ensure they are mobile web optimized. Users can see these ads on a variety of screen sizes and devices ranging from tablets to smartphones so all options must be considered. Make sure to tailor your ad for mobile users, as well as making sure that all landing pages for the advertisements are mobile optimized.