kaboompics.com_Black-pencils-with-white-erasers-min-min-1024x683Remarketing allows you to tailor your advertisements to the user. Utilizing the Google ad network, you can track a user’s browsing habits and tailor ads towards them. Visiting one brand website may lead to seeing ads for that website on other third-party platforms. There are five main benefits to using remarketing:

  1. You can improve brand recognition. Seeing your brand even after visiting your website allows users to recall your product more easily as well as connecting your original content to your advertisements.
  2. Customer retention rates will also increase, if a customer goes through the checkout process on your website but does not complete it, targeted ads on third-party sites can have them return to finish their transaction. This can improves your sales both online and offline.
  3. Targeting a specific audience is also a good strategy. By using remarketing you can customize your advertisements to focus on a certain demographic, such as people who have already interacted with your brand.
  4. Ads become relevant again. Suddenly these targeted ads will remind users of products they may have already shown an interest in, or have shown they may like. These messages can be more than a generic ad and engage the user.
  5. Finally, you will reduce your loss. Even though the user is no longer on your site, they will continue to see your targeted ads which will improve your brand engagement. Combined with SEO, social media attraction and standard ads, remarketing can have users return your website and interact in a more meaningful way.