Search Ads

shutterstock_227844406A search ad is when your paid advertisement appears along with organic search results, based upon keywords in the search. This can be applied to searches in Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Search ads are useful for increasing your ad’s visibility on web pages related to relevant search queries.

Google AdWords is an example of pay-per-click advertising that helps target your ads to specific keywords, optimizing your exposure to the best-suited target audience. Here are some benefits of using paid advertising for search ads:


You can set your own search ad budget. The benefit of pay-per-click advertising is that you only pay when someone clicks your ad! Little overhead, and you can set the amount you wish to pay per day.

Performance Measurability

With Google Adwords, you can measure every aspect of your search ad campaign. From number of clicks, to cost-per-click and everything in between, you can see if your campaign is performing efficiently and successfully.


If your Google Adwords campaign is effective and successful, with high click through rates, you may edge out your competitors for top places in search results. It’s all about the relevance of your campaign- if your website or landing page are more accurate to the search than your competitor, your ad may be placed above theirs.

Targeting, Retargeting, Remarketing

Google Adwords allows elaborate targeting capabilities for search ads. They can be targeted based on location, search time, mobile device target, and language. This allows your ad to be seen by the right people, at the right time. Retargeting means showing paid ads to users on your website based on their online activity. This leads to remarketing, which means your ad can follow and be displayed to users on various partner sites in Google’s expansive network- this repeated exposure makes you hard to ignore, and can pique the interest of your targeted visitors!