Video Ads

shutterstock_347171189Video ads present a unique opportunity to harness an audience in a very visual and engaging way. Google Adwords supports video ads as well, but in a slightly different way than with text or image ads. With Google Adwords for video, your video ad will appear in YouTube search results, or in the duration of a video. Demographic targeting options are simple, based upon age, gender, and interests, which makes it easy for a company to choose who views their video ad.

Google TrueView

This is a feature in which the only cost comes when your video is actually viewed by a user. The value for your company is in knowing who the users viewing your video are, where they are, and what they are watching. There are 3 video ad formats available with Google Trueview:

  • In-stream: video ads that play within the duration of the video of one of the YouTube partners-users who have agreed to have ads played within their videos. You get charged when your ad hits the 30 second mark, or if it’s a shorter ad, when the whole video is played.
  • In-Search: Like with Adwords, these are video ads that are displayed based upon keywords in a user’s YouTube search; when the user clicks to view your ad, you are charged.
  • In-Display: Your ad would be labeled as an ad, and appear along with other videos in the YouTube Watch panel. You are charged when a user clicks to view your ad.

Video ads are a sensible marketing choice if the demographic of audience you are pursuing watches videos, and as with any good ad campaign, the best way to see what works is through testing. Great video ads sometimes feature content that while may not be of a particular product, they are visually engaging and get people talking or sharing.