Ethical Backlinking

shutterstock_306873251Google is constantly refining and reviewing their algorithms to reflect an ever-changing digital landscape – subsequently, fine tuning the quality of their search results.
Having an SEO company that is both legitimate and experienced is extremely important to keeping your business at the top of Google and other search engines. So, how do you keep search engines, like Google, happy?

  • Make your website more user-friendly
    • adding too many ads above the fold can make searching for content stressful. Limiting the amount of space designated to ads will highly improve user friendliness
    • focus on the user
  • Quality over quantity
    • Make sure your content is relevant, original, and up to date.
    • One viral/successful article is worth much more than several superfluous articles that have mediocre delivery.
    • less is more
  • Be aware of Google’s algorithms
    • It’s extremely important to remember that Google cannot perceive – your content may be legitimate, but sometimes search engines cannot decipher what is acceptable or not.
    • In that case, search engines rely on other signals
    • Posting your content to social media increase your “human” element, google will view that traffic positively
  • Avoid paid links
    • If you find a company that will offer SEO for $10/month, you get what you pay for – low quality backlinks
    • low quality backlinks will earn you Penguin penalties. This is essentially a red-card for search engines. Penguin penalties are extremely difficult to get rid of, and once your website has been backlinked by thousands of poor quality links, you cannot remove the damage – even after you have stopped payment.
  • Build your business with positive SEO practices
    • Use a combination of marketing practices – social and face-to-face
    • Choose a trustworthy SEO company