On Page Optimization

Social media marketingSEO is a term that has dramatically changed over the short lifespan of the Internet. It has expanded to include much more than simple keywords. here’s a simple breakdown of those elements:

  • Distinctively Authentic
    • Your web pages should hold content that is beyond self-promotion – you can offer advice or tips that are legitimately useful for your users so they can better understand the products or services that are being offering (for example, SEO)
    • Keep it interesting, think – if you were searching for information would you hit “back” and choose a different source, or does this look useful?
  • User-friendly interface
    • Easy to understand content – avoid over zealous metaphors or similies. Think – does this simplify things, or not?
    • Clear navigation bar – make sure your font is large enough and well contrasted with the background
    • Design is polished and cohesive with branding. ie Logos, etc
    • Page layout makes it easy to find and digest information – sufficient white space and proper paragraph spacing are extremely important
    • Page loads quickly – <0.5 seconds at first, and less than 4 seconds for the rest to load completely
    • Fully compatible with all browsers
    • Pages are responsive and optimized for Mobile, Tablet, different desktop sizes, etc.
  • Keyword Targeted
  • Built to be shared through Social Networks
  • Multi-device ready
  • Authorship, Meta Data, Schema and Rich Snippets
  • Crawler/Bot Accessible