SEO vs. Adwords

Apps-Image-600A mixture of Adwords and SEO is optimal to maximize your coverage in search engine results. Even while ranking at the very top of a page with SEO, it’s recommended to also have Adwords.

Achieving optimal results solely with SEO can be much more time consuming than Adwords, but often will achieve great results for a number of different keywords. Adwords however, can be switched on or off at your convenience, whereas SEO requires more time and work.

Adwords will always allow you to be present in search engine results, whereas you may need to wait to be present in organic search results through SEO. Another benefit to Adwords is that you can update the keywords to be current with a particularly trending event or cultural ideology. It’s immediate action, that rapidly can generate sales and leads – this is useful for new products or services that are time sensitive or seasonal. However, As we’ve touched upon, links that appear organically seem more trustworthy to potential customers. SEO takes more time, but to non-SEO savvy users, it can make your website appear more reputable just by it’s organic standing in search engines.

The benefits to both are clear – Adwords is highly beneficial in the short term, SEO is more of a long term commitment. Both strategies can be used towards the same goal – generating sales.