Social Media Management

38167370_lHaving a strong interconnected social media presence is key. Social media has become one of the most common tools consumers use to interact with brands and companies. Just having a social media account is not enough; you need to be active and interactive with potential consumers to really exploit the social media potential. Below are some tips to help you maximize your social media:

  • Keep it simple and consistent: Finding your brand on social media should be easy. With a simple search your customers should be able to find all your social media pages; keep your usernames very similar to your business and keep them consistent throughout all your social medias. Do your research first; check and make sure the username you want is available on all the social platforms you’ll need before you create accounts.
  • Mix up your content: Just because you’re promoting your business doesn’t mean that all of your content has to be an advertisement. At a minimum, half of your content should be “fluff” (ideally 60-70% of your content should be fluff); content that ties into your brand but isn’t necessarily promoting a specific product. An example of this would be sharing some design ideas if you were a print company or posting a video of a good sports match if your company sell sports equipment.
  • Always respond: If someone is interacting with your brand on social media you should always respond. If they are asking a question, making a complaint or just showing gratitude for a great product, you should respond and let them know that their business is valuable. If you don’t acknowledge your customer on social media they’ll feel like their business isn’t valuable; there is also a chance that other customers could also see this and be “put off” by the lack of “customer service”.
  • Encourage fan interaction: Encourage engagement from your social media followers. Ask them questions, create polls and contests, start campaigns that call for certain hashtags; if customers love your brand they will be inclusive during social media campaigns.