shutterstock_241730380Branding is paramount to any company – it your company’s image and personality. Branding incorporates how your customers perceive you, as well as sets you apart from competitors. Your company has to have a cohesive unified image and aesthetic to be easily understood by customers. You need to determine your place in the market, and project that image in your marketing.

Defining your Brand

Answering the in depth questions about your company will help determine your brand. For example, what is your mission? How do you want others to perceive your company? What is special about the product/service you offer? Doing the research, and determining who your company is versus what you want it to be are key determining your brand.

Brand Strategy

How you communicate, who it is with, where it occurs, and what you communicate is what makes up your brand strategy. The channels in which you communicate with your customers, as well as your visual and verbal presence affect your strategy

Brand Equity

Building a strong brand presence helps build your brand equity. This is the competitive advantage of your company over the competitors, through perceived quality or the consumer’s emotional response to your brand.

Getting people to know your brand means getting out there, and living your brand. This means:

  • Plastering your logo wherever you can.
  • Creating a voice that accurately reflects your brand.
  • Consistently portraying your brand, and being true to it.
  • Creating a unified aesthetic, and integrating your brand presence into your marketing and distribution channels.

Your brand is who you are, and that’s a beautiful thing- you just have to live it!