Landing Pages

OnSite_Icons-1-01A landing page is the web page that users arrive at after clicking on your link, whether in a search engine or ad. In marketing, it is often a standalone page with limited content, with its main objective being to guide the user toward the desired conversion.

The two types of landing pages are:

  • Click Through: the intention with this page is for the customer to literally click through to another page. This landing page can be a place to provide the customer with succinct information for the ad they had clicked from, leading them to continue on to complete the transaction. This landing page acts as a gateway to a destination page, which is often that of the shopping cart page of a commerce site, or a registration page.
  • Lead Generation: These landing pages are used to collect user data with the intention of connecting and marketing to them at a later time. A lead generation page contains a form for the user to enter their personal data into, and your offer of what they receive for submitting such data. The shorter the form the better, as it is easier to hold the user’s attention and they will be more likely to fill in their information.

Landing pages act as the virtual greeting for a user first experiencing an online experience with your company, so it is important that they feel welcome, and willing to continue the interaction.