bg-progreaaA powerful addition to your marketing tools, newsletters allow you to contact your customers on a regular basis and update them with deals, news and other information that will bring them back to your website.

But first, you need subscribers! The easiest method for this is to ask only the most basic information. If your customers don’t already provide information through an eCommerce method, then asking for simply an e-mail and at most a name, will leads to the best results. Be transparent with your communication and let your users know how often they will be receiving correspondence, as well as the content of those e-mails.

Next, you want to design your newsletter. It can be an extension of your website, or it can be something more personal. Either way, keep it brief and use large images and informative or intriguing headlines to draw the customer in. Ending your newsletter with a call to action is also a good idea.

At this point, most e-mails will use HTML/CSS to display its information. Plain text is still a good option to consider as a backup for some users, such as those worried about mobile data caps.

Using software is a good way to maintain your newsletters, and many have built in analytics to track the success of your emails. One important note however, always make it easy to unsubscribe if your user wants to.